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Fraud Talk – The ACFE’s monthly podcast dedicated to helping professionals who fight fraud on a daily basis. In these sessions, we will break down case studies, talk with the industry’s leading experts and give listeners the tools they need to spot, fight and prevent fraud.



Fraud Risk Assessment Tool – An invaluable resource for fraud examiners to use in identifying and addressing their clients’ or employers’ vulnerabilities to internal fraud. Fraud professionals can use this tool to assist organizations in identifying fraud risks and developing a fraud risk assessment. For non-members, learn how to receive three free modules of the ACFE’s Fraud Risk Assessment Tool.

Fraud Prevention Check-Up – Are you vulnerable to fraud? Do you have adequate controls in place to prevent it? Test your company’s fraud health with this free training resource featuring a checklist and video.

Fraud’s Hidden Cost to You and Your Organization – Available exclusively for CFEs, this training program is designed to educate employees about the warning signs of fraud and what to do if they suspect it.

Test Your Knowledge – Test your anti-fraud IQ. This CFE Practice Quiz includes 20 actual questions covering material from all four sections of the CFE Exam. You will receive immediate feedback after each answer, and after completion you will get a final grade.

Find a CFE – Grow your network or simply find an anti-fraud professional to help you overcome your latest challenge. Search for Certified Fraud Examiners by geographic area or industry.


Fraud Magazine – The ACFE’s bimonthly publication on white-collar crime and fraud examination techniques.

FraudInfo – Stay current with recent fraud news and information with FraudInfo, a free biweekly e-newsletter packed with the latest anti-fraud materials, courses and events.

Report To The Nations 2016 – This report will be of great value to anti-fraud practitioners, business leaders, government officials, academics, the media, and anyone else with an interest in understanding the tremendous economic threat posed by occupational fraud.

ACFE Insights – Find news, analysis and commentary on the global fight against fraud on the ACFE’s official blog. Featuring blogs from ACFE staff, experts in the fields of digital forensics, fraud risk management compliance and more, ACFE Insights gives you a behind-the-scenes look at fraud prevention and detection.

Anti-Fraud Resource Guide – This quarterly publication is mailed to all ACFE members and provides detailed listings of all of the ACFE’s learning events and materials. Find all of the information you need regarding the latest anti-fraud seminars, conferences, self-studies, books and ACFE merchandise.

Bookstore Catalog – Dig deeper into the most up-to-date publications and reference materials keeping fraud fighters ahead of the curve. This biannual publication features the most relevant books, manuals and online learning materials available, as well as ACFE clothing, accessories and more.

Sample Fraud Examination Documents

Sample Policies

Clear and sound policies are a cornerstone of effective fraud prevention. The following sample policies provide a starting point for organizations in developing their own policies and compliance programs.

Fraud Policy

Social Media Policy

Right-to-Audit Clause

Sample Engagement Proposals and Reports

To assist in all aspects of fraud examinations, we have prepared sample engagement proposals and reports for use as a resource or template.

Fraud Examination Proposal

Fraud Examination Report (short version) 

Fraud Examination Report (long version)

Fraud Policy Review Proposal

Fraud Policy Review Report

Sample Consent Forms

Consent forms are helpful during the fraud examination process for gathering needed information. Below you will find templates for various aspects of the fraud examination process.

Consent to Record

Consent to Search

Customer Consent and Authorization to Financial Records

Telephone Recording Consent Form

Sample Checklists and Tools

The following checklists and tools can assist in focusing the direction of the investigation.

Fraud Examination Checklist 

Evidence Control Log

List of Useful Websites